Nathan Jacknife – President & Director of Cold Lake Operations

Cold Lake First Nations Band member Nathan Jacknife has committed 20 years towards careers in Emergency Incident Management and Construction. Serving the Government of Alberta and the Oil & Gas industry.


From a Wildland Firefighter Team Member to an Incident Commander and from a General Laborer to a General Manager, Nathan has never lost sight of the most important resource to a Highly Reliable Organization, its Team Members. Nathan believes in the principles of Production, Positivity, Preparedness and Proactivity. Our team is ready to join your team to help you achieve your goals of both fiscal responsibility and zero incidents.

Trent Shott – President & Director of Fort Mackay Operations

Trent Shott, is a Fort McKay First Nations band member and is the Vice President of Command North. Trent was encouraged to get into business by his family members who have a strong background in business in the Wood Buffalo region. Trent’s First Nation community is rooted in the belief that cultural values can be maintained while simultaneously establishing positive relationships with industry to foster economic, industrial and social development in the community. It is his wish to combine his expertise in business as well as his First Nation background to establish and deliver a high standard of performance in everything Command North has to offer. With the full support of his family, First Nations community, and Chief Jim Boucher, Trent’s goal is to have a successful business while bettering the indigenous community and providing employment opportunities for local people.

Andrea Robertson – Chief Operations Officer

Andrea has been in the oil and gas industry for over 13 years. Andrea began her career when the industry was making a philosophical shift away from selecting vendors solely on pricing, to focusing on vendors with a strong safety culture. Andrea was instrumental in creating the safety program for a service company looking to be assessed as a potential vendor in the evolving industry. She shaped the culture of the company to align it with the safety requirements of the major oil companies. After 6 years her responsibilities grew to involve the day to day operations of the company.

Andrea transitioned into a Senior Project Manager role, where she has overseen several major projects. Her skills in contract negotiation, commitment to safety, personability, and management of projects seeing them through to completion has been a valued asset. Andrea has managed four of Alberta Transportation’s large clearing contracts for the widening of Highway 63, the initial clearing of the Suncor Fort Hills site, both 2D and 3D seismic projects, and several large corehole programs. Her involvement in these projects were vital in their success.

Her latest accomplishment has been the introduction of the installation of up-to-date GPS system in a clearing fleet. This new system has enabled the clearing contractor to cut within sub-metre accuracy resulting in clients being able to significantly reduce their survey costs.

Andrea is excited to be apart of the Command North Construction Group and looks forward to working alongside Nathan and Trent. Her dedication to the company, exceptional work ethic, knowledge of the industry, and numerous other skills will all be an asset that will aid in launching Command North as a leader in the oil and gas industry.

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