Environmental Benefits

Command North is committed to:

Smooth & Clear Lines

With no debris left over from bulldozing and no windrow to act as a hazard to personnel and wildlife, you can utilize all the available space on the line and move equipment with ease. Wood chips from mulched trees are evenly distributed on the ground to support wheeled access and prevent rutting.

Tree Root and Soil Infrastructure Remain Intact

By allowing the tree root structure to remain and soil left undisturbed, faster re-growth is possible, erosion is controlled and no seeding is required. Mulched wood chips decompose faster, leaving enriched soil for new trees to grow.

Narrower Lines

Fewer trees are removed to accommodate drills on Seismic Programs

No Burning Required

With mulching, there is no windrow to act as a potential fire ladder and burning is unnecessary. Windrows often have to be burned to remove them, which means extra labour is required, smoke pollutes the area and affects local communities, and burning poses a fire hazard.

Equipment Access

Mulched wood chips create a path on which equipment can be easily mobilized In combination with our line clearance service, you provide the least impact on the land on which seismic drilling occurs.

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